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New Features Coming To Windows 11

New Features Coming To Windows 11 In the words of the great musician and poet Bob Dylan, ‘the times, they are a changin”.I’m not sure which operating system update Bob was referring to in that song, but I’m talking about Windows 11.Windows 11 has been released into the wild. At the moment only some very new computers will have it preinstalled, and usually with an option to roll back to Windows 10.Enthusiasts can upgrade now for free, but there’s no rush as Windows 10 will be supported until 2025 at this point. A Fresh New Look For most people the changes will be mostly cosmetic, in that the graphical user interface, or GUI, has been updated and while familiar enough to be an easy transition the interface has been softened at lot to make it easier to look at and interact with. The Start Menu has been simplified at lot

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Common Reasons Why Your Computer May Be Freezing

Common Reasons Why Your Computer May Be Freezing Computers freezing or locking up is a common complaint for many people, typically meaning that you have to wait for your webpage or the program you’re using to respond before you can move on with the task at hand. This can be down to a number of reasons, some may be due to software and some could be due to hardware. Old or Slow Hard Drive One common cause of unexplained pauses is that the hard drive is tied up with other activities. Windows has a lot of processes running all the time and only a few of them might be directly related to the task you’re performing. These processes include a lot of administrative processes like writing log files, keeping track of processes like printing, and making sure there’s no unauthorised access to your files. A lot of computers out there

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What Do Phishing Scams Look Like?

What Do Phishing Scams Look Like?   With the whole world interconnected by the internet there are a whole heap of benefits with access to information and services. However, the unfortunate flip side of that are the crime and scams that can come along with it. A big one that can create difficulty and cost a lot of money is ‘Phishing’. Phishing has impacted at lot of people in Australia, and even here in Hobart I’ve had the unfortunate job of having to report on security and Windows updates for customers who have been scammed by this sort of attack as their bank requires confirmation before they will reenable access to their internet banking. Firstly, What is Phishing? A lot of these new internet crimes and scams have new words to describe them. Oxford Dictionary defines phishing as ‘the fraudulent practice of sending emails purporting to be from reputable companies

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